Saturday, October 15, 2011

miss talk

An integral part of getting your ex back is to make your ex miss you. Unfortunately this part is most often ruined by an ex looking to win their ex back. Winning your ex back is not rocket science but more often than not ex's will struggle to get a grip of their emotions and use a sound action plan to turn things around.

4 Steps To Make Your Ex Miss You - Get Your Ex Back

1. Agree With The Break Up
Want to start screaming, shouting, crying begging like everyone else, does this sound like you when your ex ended your relationship? If so, you must tell your ex you agree with the break up, this is a great sign of maturity and shows your ex you respect their decision and the first step to turn things around.

2. Avoid Guilt Tactics & Manipulation
Do not be one of those people that will do everything in their power to make their ex regret breaking up with them, these methods will not improve your relationship and fix the very things that lead to the break up.

These methods will not only backfire but can ruin your chances to get your ex back forever.

3. Stop ALL contact immediately
Many times after a break up couples will remain in contact with one another, this is the last thing you want right now if you want your ex to miss you enough to think about getting back together.

Stop all contact with your ex immediately, do not call, message, email or follow their whereabouts whether it be through mutual friends or social network web sites.

4. Turning The Tables - New Found You
One of the most effective ways to make your ex miss you is for them to see and her about how much you are enjoying your single life. Start spending time with friends and enjoying yourself, get the word out through mutual friends about your new lease on life.

Your ex will begin to wonder if you have met someone else and be curious as to why you are suddenly not trying to contact them and happy being single, this will make your ex miss you fast.